Business Isn’t Really About Business

I heard an expression that stuck with me the other day — business isn’t really about business. When you think about it, it’s true. Is your business about trying to sell something? Or is it about relationships? Is your business about providing a service? Or is it about making an impact in the field of humanity? I wear many hats — I’m a Bay Area freelance journalist, marketing content writer, and ghostwriter for therapists.

In each area of my business, I’m trying to accomplish something different. As a Bay Area freelance journalist, business is primarily about relationships. I’m connecting with the people I’m interviewing and trying to tell their stories accurately. It’s one reason I never excelled at breaking news (although I’ve written my fair share of breaking news stories).

typewriter with news written on a piece of paper
So much of the news is impersonal and that’s not what I excel at. Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

With breaking news, it’s about the facts, not relationships. Breaking news is always something along the lines of, “There’s a fire on 12th Street!” or “The Supreme Court issued a new ruling!” There isn’t time to share impact, like how the fire on 12th Street means that a single mom no longer has a place to live, or the new Supreme Court ruling means Daisy Lopez can send her daughter to preschool for free.

Breaking news is usually impersonal but I’m an empath and a highly sensitive person. I feel deeply and so my greatest gift is the ability to connect with others. That’s what I do as a Bay Area freelance journalist. 

My work as a marketing content writer is slightly different in that the relationship is less about connecting with someone to share their story and instead connecting with someone to serve their business. When I conduct SEO blog writing services, I’m supporting someone else so that their relationships can improve.

Two women talking while sitting down
Being a marketing content writer is about supporting someone else’s relationships. Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

If no one knows your business exists, there is no relationship and that’s where SEO blog writing comes in. It may seem weird or annoying or icky but ultimately, there’s so much noise on the internet the way people find one another is through using search engines. And like it or not, search engines want to show people relevant information. Those search engines determine if information is relevant in part based on keywords. So that’s my work as a marketing content writer, which includes SEO blog writing services and a case study writing service.

The other work I do is ghostwriting for therapists. This aspect combines both relationships and the impact that relationship will have on the field of humanity. The relationship matters tremendously in ghostwriting because if I don’t understand someone, there’s no way I can write something in the way they’d write it. We have to get along and be a good fit. But more than that, I love ghostwriting for therapists because of the content. I get to write pieces like, “How to process trauma” or “Signs of emotional abuse and where to get help.” The pieces I’m writing matter to me because they’re contributing to the healing of humanity. 

A Black person and a white person clasping hands
Words matter because they can touch people’s hearts. Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

As you’ve likely noticed, everyone is wounded in one way or another. They’re struggling with feeling worthy, or overcoming perfectionism, or recovering from narcissistic abuse. Everybody has something but not everyone is able to work with a therapist for one reason or another. That’s where SEO blog writing for therapists comes in. The content I write for them provides valuable information that people can use AND raises the therapist’s visibility so they can reach more people. Even thinking about it I get chills. 

What would the world be like if everyone got the mental health support they needed? What would the world be like if they had the tools to heal from the things that hurt them? That’s what excites me — knowing I’m supporting someone who doesn’t have time to write to share valuable information with the world. Information that really and truly can impact humanity. 

Is business just about the act of business? Nope. In my case as a Bay Area freelance journalist, marketing content writer, and ghostwriter for therapists, it’s about relationships and impacting the field of humanity. If either of those things sounds good to you and you’d like to work together, reach out to me. I’m here.


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