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I’m a Bay Area freelance journalist, content marketing writer, ghostwriter for therapists, and editor.

I started working as a journalist in 2006 when I graduated from American University and then in 2011, I began working as a professional editor for a radiology publication. That means I’m the rare person who has both writing and editing skills.

I’m a person who likes variety though so I added other services to my repertoire, including SEO work, writing case studies for large tech firms, and ghostwriting for therapists. If you’d like to know how ghostwriting works, read my blog about it. Otherwise, scroll down to see some writing samples. 

Ghostwriting sample:

You can read an example from Kat Nadel, BayNVC Collaborative Trainer, here:
3 things motherhood has taught me about NVC.

freelance writer Oakland CA

Content writing samples:

Content marketing means I tell stories about how someone’s life has changed as a result of using a company’s services. Read an example of what I mean.

Content writing can also include peppering blogs with SEO keywords, which I do regularly for the Web Symphonies blog: www.websymphonies.com/blog 

Journalism writing samples:

A few places you’ll see my byline: AuntMinnie.comThe Potrero View, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, and more.

Some of my favorite journalism pieces are the following:

California, the land of drought, fire… and flood?
California is known to be one of the most livable climates on earth. Year-round moderate temperatures are what attract people to California from places like New England, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C. But as climate change impacts become more severe, and more quickly than expected, California residents are on the front line of extreme weather, facing drought, fire, and now floods. (Read more)

Housing Units for those Without Permanent Homes Sit Empty
In July 2020 Mayor London Breed announced a goal of getting 6,000 people off the streets within two years as part of her Homelessness Recovery Plan. With roughly six months left on the Mayor’s self-determined objective, just 2,662 housing placements, 44 percent, have been made, though the number may be higher because it doesn’t account for those housed during the last quarter of 2021. (Read more)

Will AI help radiologists survive the data deluge?
While some radiologists may still be concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace them, the reality is that AI will help radiologists keep pace with imaging workflow demands — especially as the volume of medical imaging exams grows. (Read more)

Longtime Potrero Hill Resident Ron Miguel Moves Across Town
Despite decades engaged in public forums, former San Francisco Planning Commission president Ron Miguel is a private person. Don’t expect a tell-all memoir from him anytime soon; he’d rather talk about land use policies, which first captivated him in the 1950s. (Read more)

Chef Heena Patel embodies “besharam” with restaurant relaunch
Opening her own brick-and-mortar restaurant wasn’t something Chef Heena Patel was looking to do at nearly 54 years old. Yet earlier this summer that’s precisely what she did, with the relaunch of Besharam, an Urdu word that means “shameless,” at the Minnesota Street Project. (Read more)

Relive the city’s greatest hits at Mission Bay mini-golf course
Last summer, Stagecoach Greens, on Fourth Street, joined Urban Putt, which opened on South Van Ness Avenue in 2014, in offering San Franciscans a miniature golf experience created by San Franciscans. (Read more)

How to create a positive work culture in radiology
When you go to work, how do you feel? The answer may have more to do with the culture at your organization than with your job itself. And if your organizational culture is a dour one, that can be changed, according to experts on leadership in radiology. (Read more)

Curiosity drives artist Wanxin Zhang
Wanxin Zhang considers his art to be a question, not an answer. That quiet curiosity is evident not only in his sculptures but in his demeanor.  Zhang’s personality and artistic sensibility can likely be attributed to his formative years in China, which coincided with the Cultural Revolution. (Read more)

Why our existence matters: How to beat the existential blues
Sometimes I get in a nihilistic mood and think it doesn’t really matter that I’m alive. Sure, the people in my life would be sad if I was gone, but does my existence itself really mean anything? In the grand scheme of things, I’m a speck, a peon, a flash in the pan of existence. Furthermore, I think of myself as expendable and exchangeable in the sense that if I wasn’t here, someone else would accomplish what is required of me; that the universe would work through someone else. (Read more)

Do you want to know more about me? Or read more writing samples? Feel free to ask! You can also check out my podcast interview with Shanne Boss.

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