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I’ve worked as a professional journalist since I graduated magna cum laude from the honors program at American University in 2006. Since 2011, I’ve worked as a professional editor. A few places you’ll see my byline: AuntMinnieEurope.comThe Potrero View, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, and more.

Some of the favorite pieces I’ve written are the following:

Relive the city’s greatest hits at Mission Bay mini-golf course
Last summer, Stagecoach Greens, on Fourth Street, joined Urban Putt, which opened on South Van Ness Avenue in 2014, in offering San Franciscans a miniature golf experience created by San Franciscans. (Read more)

Norwegians seek to add clarity to breast screening dispute
An invitation to participate in breast cancer screening reduces cancer death risk by 28%, according to a new study by researchers from Norway and published in BMJ. Mammography screening experts have called the study “thorough,” “accurate,” and “refreshingly free” of hysteria; an accompanying editorial, however, is not, they said. (Read more)

Curiosity drives artist Wanxin Zhang
Wanxin Zhang considers his art to be a question, not an answer. That quiet curiosity is evident not only in his sculptures, but his demeanor.  Zhang’s personality and artist sensibility can likely be attributed to his formative years in China, which coincided with the Cultural Revolution. (Read more)

Why our existence matters: How to beat the existential blues
Sometimes I get in a nihilistic mood and think it doesn’t really matter that I’m alive. Sure, the people in my life would be sad if I was gone, but does my existence itself really mean anything? In the grand scheme of things, I’m a speck, a peon, a flash in the pan of existence. Furthermore, I think of myself as expendable and exchangeable in the sense that if I wasn’t here, someone else would accomplish what is required of me; that the universe would work through someone else. (Read more)

Homeless concentrating near freeways
It’s not a lack of compassion, it’s a lack of action,” said San Bruno Avenue resident Gregg Stauffer, about the City’s homeless problem. Stauffer, along with other Hill residents, is concerned about a lack of effective municipal policies oriented toward homelessness. (Read more)

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